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Adam Sutherland's Interesting People Podcast

Jun 5, 2020

The Small Halls Festival on the Isle of Skye stands alone in Scotland for its approach to performances and the way it integrates both community and artists. I was very happy indeed to have been invited up in November 2019 to do some live podcasting.  This was a real treat for me, as I had the chance to pick the brains of some of my favourite musicians, inviting them to share some of their unique life experiences as well as their exceptional musical skills - all in front of a rapt local audience.

This, the second and final of these special Small Halls Festival podcasts features another two very well known faces on the traditional music scenes.

Fiddler/composer Lauren MacColl and Fiddler/composer/guitarist/singer Innes Watson have each carved their own unique notch onto the tree of modern Scottish Traditional Music.

It was so great to hear them share some of their unique life experience and insight behind their work.

It's also always a huge delight to play music with these utterly superb musicians, and there's plenty of that going on in this episode.